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Te Latvija is an design and web design studio built for consumers and brands. WE create bold design and meaningful experiences.


What can we do for you?

Make an effort to impact.

We think, shape and make products and experiences that move brands forward and engage people fully. We intensely and deeply practice design process – from insights, ideas and strategy through to product, interaction, UX/UI and experience design.


We help our customers solve a range of design challenges and make it success, whether its creating solutions that generate revenue today or mapping out growth opportunities to ensure competitiveness tomorrow.


Either way, we believe in the power of truly innovative design to engage and excite.

Dig deep dig in and really sweat.

Our clients would rather step into unchartered territory than stay stuck in the past. People who think differently and ask good questions get noticed.


Working with us means committing whole-heartedly to a process of collaboration. Our team will be closely intertwined with yours until the job is done. This will give us the insights we need to move your brand forward. Everyone wins.


Ask. Shape. Make. Repeat.

Drawing on the toolbox of design thinking, our process is iterative in nature. We work with the state when people are wholly engaged in what we are doing. 


Before we get creative, however, we reserve the right to challenge the brief and revisit the strategy. Applying fresh eyes and collecting strong new insights will help us ensure that we all work in the right direction. After all, what good is a great solution if it solves the wrong problem?

Oh, what have we done?

Having a long-term goal in mind transform our projects in success.


The lion’s share of our clients are engaged in products for the connected world. But our services transcend categories. It is not how many hours we spend, it is how intensely and deeply we practice that makes the difference.

A bit about us

It is about seeing and approaching the world in a way that truly benefits those around us. 

The world is our playground


We work across borders, cultures and categories.


We believe that size matters. Big enough to make waves, but small enough to give a damn, we adapt swiftly to the needs of our clients, without the inertia that can plague large-scale operations.

Life is short and time is swift. Let's talk business.

You shouldn’t trust your brand with a group of strangers, so lets’ get to know each other. Give us a ring.